Build your Bitcoin wealth

A modern financial bridge to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Coming Fall 2019

The Best Technology

Bitcoin infrastructure built from the ground-up by Bitcoin experts.


Connect your bank account to easily buy, sell and use Bitcoin


Majority of Bitcoin deposits are stored offline. Any online funds sit on servers in secure military-grade vaults.


Built with cutting edge Bitcoin technology including the Lightning Network, Native Segwit and more.

Bitcoin is the future.

A scarce resource

Bitcoin is like digital gold. It cannot be created out of thin air. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin.

Choose who to trust

Buy Bitcoin on Alto and withdraw to your own wallet for full control over your assets, or store your coins with us for convenience.

Money of the Internet

Bitcoin allows you to transfer value across borders without relying on a third party.


You can move billions of dollars or fractions of cents worth of Bitcoin anywhere in the world with the click of a button.

Why Choose Alto?

Buy & Sell Bitcoin

Buy and Sell Bitcoin. Setup recurring buys to accumulate over time or make large orders.

Instantly Send & Receive

Instantly send and receive Bitcoin using the Lightning Network.

Track your wealth

Track your returns with charts and reports.

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